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Legacy systems held “on premise” hold companies and their customers back. Cloud-based alternatives set your systems free, offering new ways to solve problems, save consumption and maintenance costs and improve time to market. But effective adoption demands robust and considered approaches, working adaptively within and around existing systems to enable business continuity and seamless migration.


At Sngular we work closely with clients to enable effective adoption. We work both systemically, and on a project-by-project basis, rethinking and redesigning processes wherever needed to deliver more secure, efficient, cost-effective and maintainable systems.

Our capabilities

Cloud compliance

We help ensure all cloud-delivered systems are compliant with the latest standards of cloud computing.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

We provide tools and processes to develop, test and deploy solutions, aligned with DevOps principles and under a continuous delivery paradigm. We help our clients improve their time to market for product enhancements, facilitating cooperation between development and operations teams to enable the right environments for your business.

Continuous integration allows us to shorten development times, while maintaining control over quality and interactions between the systems involved. With continuous delivery we streamline the delivery of new features and enhancements for existing features, making the deployment processes a daily routine. When we reach the maximum level of maturity we talk about continuous deployment, from which the deployment and testing mechanisms have such a level of automation that each change in the code can be deployed in production autonomously.

Application Modernization

Existing applications, designed to run in legacy environments, can rarely be migrated directly to the cloud, requiring the coordinated efforts of infrastructure, DevOps and development departments to mitigate problems. 

Sngular eliminates these complications by redesigning and reconfiguring existing applications to work in all cloud computing environments, regardless of the chosen cloud service provider and avoiding strong dependencies on vendor lock-in technology and/or services.

Containers as a Service (CaaS)

Containers as a Service enables  you to accelerate the development and delivery of applications more flexibly and efficiently. This increases the autonomy of development teams. Run in on-premises data centers or the cloud, our CaaS capabilities give you the freedom to manage applications tailored to all cloud service providers without lock-in or obsolescence. 

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