• Cloud compliance modernization

    Cloud compliance is the general principle that cloud-delivered systems must be compliant with standards that the cloud customers face. This is a very important issue with new cloud computing services, and it is something that lots of IT professionals look at very closely.

  • CI/CD pipelines

    Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) processes form a method to frequently distribute applications to clients by automating the stages of application development. We can bundle CI/CD elements into continuous integration, continuous distribution and continuous deployment.

    CI/CD pipelines are the solution to the problems created by the integration of new versions of projects as well as their distribution. They facilitate collaboration between development and operations teams.

  • Application Modernization

    Migrating existing applications is a critical part of any cloud adoption strategy. In most cases, these applications cannot be migrated directly to the cloud and require joint effort by the infrastructure, DevOps and development departments to mitigate problems.

  • CaaS

    Containers as a Service (CaaS) consists of services that allow users to deploy and manage applications on containers that can be run in on-premises data centers or the cloud.

    Thanks to CaaS, developers can speed up the creation of applications and accelerate the distribution process.

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